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Eco-hotel Tips

I found environmentally friendly hotels page.
Then I found Etnalodge.
Amazing unique landscapes.
Etna volcano and different experience sounds incredible place to stay.

Eco-friendly holiday in Greece, couldn't be bad choice either. Zakynthos (tortoise) island. If you want to see beaches but also forest, parks, mountains and animals then Zakynthos could be very good choice for the holiday place.

Monein, France. Near the village of Monein, 260 year old Bearnaise farm has been transformed into a very special "petit hôtel". There is also year-round Yoga center. In Winter, a forty minute drive gets you to the nearest ski station, which is also just a short walk to the Spanish border.  

On San Felice Circeo, Italy. In 2010 Hotel won the "Environment and business Award" for Ecological development of its activity. Has got also the Blue flag 2014. Even I haven't been there I can still say sea water is clear and clean. I was near there. While enjoying a beach vacation you could see also all the historical sight seeings. If you go to Rome center it will take about 2 hours from San Felice Circeo to Rome. Or perhaps from San Felice to famous Terracina, it takes just 24 minutes to go there by train or car. To Formia 1 hour and to Naples about 2 hours. 

Costa Rica. Unique ecotourism opportunity. Experience life in the rainforest while learning about organic farming, local ecology, Spanish language, culture, and reforestation. Must be absolutely wonderful place full of nature. And sounds really nice. It's possible to go there by taking flight from Paris example Delta airways to Usa and then continue and change flights. Check Cheapoair.

The hotel was born in 1999 with the idea of some Italians, willing to change their lifestyle and to escape from the “real world”. All of them felt in love with Madagascar and decided to manage the Resort trying to become a reference point for nature lovers and for the beauties that this Land can offer. In 2013 the Resort has been rebuilt almost totally and became eco-friendly. Solar panels and led lights cover totally the hotel and provide almost 24 hours of electricity. All the bungalows are sea-front and allow a wonderful sea on the Indian Ocean. The restaurant offers fresh fish everyday and mixes the Italian receipts with the local traditions. 5 minutes far from the resort there is the Spiny Forest, hosting about 50 Baobab. Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot; over 90 percent of its wildlife is found nowhere else on Earth. 

On San Cristobal volcanic island. At Isla Lobos, known as Sea Lion Island, you will scuba dive with sea lion families. Full of animals such as Galapagos penguins, fur seals, lava lizards, iguanas, giant tortoises. Airline offering cheap flights to Ecuador example Avianca.

 Ecohotel Rome. 
Perhaps not in the middle of the Centre but Green landscapes. Cornelia underground station seems to be near the hotel and also restaurants, then not so far from the centre of you go by metro. I've already been in the Centre many times so I would like to stay also in this kind of Ecohotel.

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