lauantai 28. helmikuuta 2015

Be the Change you wish to see in the World

Sometimes people like to critize travellers because of airplane pollution. I understand that but it's not the only thing also cars, factories etc. produce significant amount of pollution. I must admit I really don't like the situation and climate change and I have also once got lungs sick from photochemical pollution. You should just make plan what you do and what you don't do as the same thing with hobbies you will choose one or few. Sometimes traveler take flights but sometimes they don't own a car or drive less. These are choices. I had to write about this also because I'm dreaming to make bigger trips not just only by bus or something like that but also by ship. If you want to travel ecological way it's possible even if you get tired of waiting and sitting. You can see example amazing landscapes or choose night train or ship. 

If you are thinking to choose one time ecological traveling then think how much you will see and experience! You will see different places and amazing landscapes around. I have seen 9 countries without flights and I often travel by train and I wish to see more also without flying. I don't care how much time it takes to travel but I care how many landscapes I see and I care it's ecological way. Now I want to recommend few train trips. Example if you like sea views and beaches then I know there is very beautiful beach landscapes in Sicily and also in French Riviera (and Italian riviera example Bordighera). If you go to train traveling then you will see amazing sea views around. If you would like to see whole Italy by train then I recommend you to take train from Rome center example to Verona, Venice or until to Merano. Take train from Rome to Livorno if you want to see Tuscany seaside. I used to take train from Civitavecchia example to Grosseto and then I saw sea views but also forests. There is so many different and various landscapes in Italy. First Rome city then tropical sea views then peaceful green Tuscany until Northern Italy full of big cities villages and Alps. Thoughts about zoos, I can accept that if people save poor animals from example circus to zoo but I don't like the idea if people collect wild animals from rainforests and jungles. And there is some few travel destinations that I don't accept easily, example I don't accept countries where women's rights are limited so I would not travel to these kind of places because I couldn't accept it.

First picture taken in Northern Italy South Tyrol. Read also eco-friendly unique holiday tips.
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