maanantai 21. syyskuuta 2015

Thoughts on Refugees

pictures from Pixabay..

Why I would not write about this subject because I can. 
Syrian refugees try to across Hungary border but somehow they doesn't want them to across the whole country, it's the thing I can't understand very well why it bothers them. Many refugees wants to go to Germany for staying and living but is Germany really a paradise for them? I've been around Germany and I found few very nice cities but I've also visited places I didn't felt myself welcome. It's important to feel welcome and accepted abroad as far as I know. I wish there could be more jobs available for them and also for other people it would be something great. This summer I've seen Syrian pregnant woman at the street in Central Europe and I felt sad about her situation it was just too much. I haven't never seen anything like that before. And then after that I saw refugee camp at sport hall and I've seen how they got nothing they just left and escape war it is the sad reality.

 Somehow for some people it's easy to forget and walk away but all things I won't forget. 
I've seen with my own eyes how they doesn't got nothing at all they escape war. I've also before seen poor homeless people in Italy and around and it is just crazy that some people may got all and then others may eat from garbage. About religions I'm not very religious person mostly I respect freedom and freedom to choose. First religions were created for good values and rules and in that way all religions are good because religions try to teach people more moral and values. But all things I don't like in religions and I think the person can also with or without religion know what is moral and good values and manners but it's important to accept all kind of religions but you don't need to follow any religions if you don't like or feel right for yourself. Luckily we can choose or try to choose. I wish that there was a freedom to everyone to follow religions or not to follow, the freedom to choose. It feels really stupid that often religions are those that make wars, religions were created for good values and for guide people but it doesn't work like that always. I wish that in the schools teachers could teach details of all religions and then freedom to choose. I think racism is wrong and also while traveling abroad I've met few racists even I got blue eyes and I'm white. I know how racism feels it feels very strange and unwelcome and it will leave the person wondering for a long time wondering like why me what's wrong. Once in Southern Europe one man example thought that I'm from France and he was very angry to me once and screaming go back to France, even I don't got any French roots first I was afraid at the moment then I just forgot it but it felt wrong. Racism is wrong. I got my roots from Northern Europe and from great-grandfather's side gypsy.  I don't tell it to everybody and at the first I was shy to tell about this but not anymore I don't care what people may think about me. My great-grandfather was living in Finland and also abroad in London and around he had his own glass factory in Finland long time ago.

I think doing bad things will be against the person who does the bad things and doing good things then the person don't have to regret anything in life and ofcourse life is also filled with all kind of surprises and fortune.

If you would like to support refugees and more check Unicef and Red Cross
All of these 3 pictures I found from Pixabay.

I found picture of children from Afghanistan, they are not so different. Picture from Pixabay.

All children have a right to survive - Unicef

"We need to Change right here Right now 
We got spirals of advices
Thousands seas of wise words

But every human being

Have their own reality

Every soul follows their route

With a different velocity"

- Outlandish Walou